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Company History

Vanguard Sales Group history dates back to the R.L. Smith Company in 1938.  In the 1980’s, each region was sold to the vice presidents of their respective territories.  Since then, each group operated independently until 2010, when Godfrey and Meucci merged our groups back together again.

Corporate Values 
We believe our success in sales is attributed to employing talented, organized and driven sales representatives that work and live in their territories.  We also believe our principals work and live in the regions they manage and call on all segments of our market.  

Sales Standards 
Each sales rep is held to the highest standard and measured by their sales performance to goal.  Their compensation is directly affected by their sales performance as well as the company’s overall performance.  We are a salary and profit sharing company which fosters the sense of teamwork and accountability in our company.  

Our company believes we must stay ahead of the technology curve to help our associates become more efficient.  Each of our associates carry smart phones, laptops, have high speed connections, a state of the art reporting tool and a proprietary sales tracking system.  Don't forget to find us on Facebook! 

Our company’s future is set for the next twenty years with Nick Aronis and Bob Meucci filling senior management roles in today’s management structure. 

Office Space
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